This is a long outstanding post that should have been up. However, its relevance still holds in today’s context where certain countries like Australia (state of Victoria) is still under lockdown.

With lockdowns happening practically in more than half the world and activities almost grind to a halt. Many are probably lamenting on what to do, how bored they are staying indoors or for some they may have eaten more food in the past 2 months than they ever had in their last 3 years.


For those who are seeking online business opportunities, e-commerce or affiliate marketing are still considered good do-able opportunities during this pandemic.

Self-host or self-owned e-commerce sites may require a little more tweaking if you have a plethora of goods on your site. You may need to be more selective in your focus of the goods that you are putting on sale. In a pandemic like Covid-19, you will want to put products that are potential winners in raking in the sales with little effort like masks, hand sanitisers, gaming products or even selling a digital product like simple e-recipes,fitness workout, etc.

For affiliate marketers, all are not lost with this Covid-19 pandemic, there are still opportunities lying beneath this crisis.

No doubt, not all products at this time sell well thus it is very important that you select products that are able to address the current situation. What is the most prevalent situation worldwide now ? It’s probably the global lockdown in most countries. Countries’ lockdown means its citizens will have to stay indoor as a way to contain the virus.

What does this mean for your business ?

It means that people have more time in their hands and a good part of their time will be internet surfing. which translates to longer screentime. It also means that consumers out there will be more explorative to try new things while at the same time looking for items that can help to address their current situation. Items that will address their current situation now include but not limited to supplements (to boost immunity), game consoles, gloves, e-learning products, fitness items and even e-fitness membership to attend live webinars !

The opportunities are still in abundance in times like this and I believe building an online business is the way to go and for sure online businesses are here to stay even post-Covid-19.


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